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周日 上午 11:15 - 12:00 (英文)

Youth 主日学教师简介:

Joe Huo 从小成长在一个基督徒家庭。曾在俄亥俄州鲍灵格林的 Grace Brethren 参加儿童主日学。搬到德克萨斯后,他们一家人成为了拉伯克华人教会的成员。他在 12 岁时受洗,接受基督教为个人信仰。他通过 LCC 的青年主日学,领悟圣经真理。 他的信仰在莱斯大学高等教育环境中得以延续,还通过基督教领袖培训得到加强。 现在,他是 TTUHSC 医学院学生,也是 LCC 的青年指导老师。在事奉和荣耀上帝的同时,他希望引导青少年学生走上圣经真理和智慧的道路。


Joe Huo grew up in a Christian family and went to Children’s Sunday School at Grace Brethren in Bowling Green, OH. After moving to TX, his family became members of Lubbock Chinese Church. He decided to make his faith his own and was baptized at the age of 12. He studied the biblical truth through the youth program at LCC. His faith endured in a secular higher education environment at Rice University and was even strengthened through Christian leadership training. Now, a medical school student at TTUHSC, he is a mentor for youth at LCC. While serving and glorifying God, he hopes to guide students onto the path of biblical truth and wisdom.