“In the eighth year of his reign, while he was still young, he began to seek the God of his father David.”         2 Ch. 34:3
    What would I do as a young Christian if I had the opportunity to do it all over again? It has been forty some years since the day when I started my spiritual journey, and a lot of time has been wasted. Unfortunately, what I have become is not as I should be and what I am is a lot less than ideal. It frightens me when I ponder about what the end result of my being in this life will be. Will the Lord utter “that’s not what I had intended at all” when he looks at me in disappointment and disbelief.
    King Josiah seemed to have done it right. “In the eighth year of his reign, while he was still young, he began to seek the God of his father David,” we read. He was sixteen years old by this time and he knew exactly what sort of man he wanted to become and proceeded to do what was necessary to accomplish his goal. “He began to seek the God of his father David.”
   The young king had a crucial choice to make in his youth and the decision he was going to make would impact his entire life, either for good or for ill. He could have followed his father Amon and grandfather Manasseh’s way and made all the foreign deities his gods, yet he decided to take an entirely different path, which turned out to be the best choice he could have made.
   Come to think of it, we do have a certain control over who and what we will be in our future when we grow up or grow old. To a large extent, our future will be determined by our present for the self-creation process takes great effort on our part for it to become a success.
    Of course, I am not speaking about the self-evolving and self-creating according to the principle of Darwinian evolution; it’s rather the labor and the struggle that we experience every day to be transformed into the holy and glorious image of Christ. This is an ongoing process both in time and in eternity, and the earlier we start the process the better.
    There was no need for the Lord to start the process of spiritual growth to conform to the image of God, yet we all know what he was doing at the holy temple at age twelve. The Lord Jesus grew spiritually even though he could have achieved spiritual perfection instantly. Hannah was wise to place Samuel in a place where he could grow spiritually and to become more seasoned in listening to God’s voice.
    We don’t become someone we desire to be instantly. Spiritual wealth, like material wealth, takes years of diligent accumulation. 


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