“Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.”    Col. 3:18
     Submission isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s rather an expression of strength. Only the strong have the inner fortitude to submit to whomever they need to surrender.
    What brought the evil one down from the highest to the lowest was his unwillingness and inability to submit to the Most High, and the difference it made was heaven and hell.
    The easiest way to achieve peace and harmony between a wife and a husband when conflicts occur is a mere word of apology. To submit is to place yourself in a lowly position and consider others better than yourself. It matters not whether it’s the reality or not, humility should always prevail. Being humble is far better than being superior.
    “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.”
    This is indeed a more practical thing to do than anything else, for between the two, men do have a stronger tendency to assume a superior position within the family and their desire to lead is in general stronger than that of women. As a matter of fact, the ones who lead are not necessarily superior to the one being led; it’s merely an arrangement of necessity and convenience. This may be subject to debate and feminists certainly will protest, yet men and women are created differently, both physically and emotionally.
    This iron-clad truth, however, can also be utilized differently in different families according to the chemistry between couples. Men and women may have been created differently, yet people’s temperament varies greatly and some men may prefer not to lead within a family and are more than willing to share the responsibility with their spouse. Some may disagree with this notion, but I don’t have any issue with this. I am by no means questioning the validity of this command, I am merely looking at the pragmatic aspect of this teaching and we should always take the spirit of any given command of the Lord into consideration, lest we misapprehend what the Lord intends for us to learn.
    Of course, ideally there shouldn’t even be any occasion when a wife’s submission to the husband is coerced or demanded. The presence of intimacy and communication between couples surely will render submission from either party entirely unnecessary.
    If the Lord Jesus, being the incarnate son of God, still found it essential to submit to the heavenly Father, surely there will come a time when it becomes necessary for wives to submit to their husbands.  


Posted by Robert Sea Friday, October 26, 2018 7:28:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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