Through Him
“…all things have been created through him and for him.”     Col. 1:16

    We are God’s creatures whom the Lord employs to accomplish his eternal purposes and the perfect fulfillment of our lives is to achieve those purposes. Does this make sense to you at all? It does to me.
    Therefore, I am merely an instrument through which the Lord does his work. As a Chinese saying goes, “An instrument must be sharpened for the job to be done well,” so we should keep our “tools” in good shape so that we can be better used by God. The worse thing that can happen to us is for the Lord to find us ill-equipped and not ready to be utilized when we are called upon to do his work.
    It may take our entire lifetime to be prepared and equipped to accomplish a certain task the Lord has in mind for us to do. Most of us are goal-oriented and we seem to be so eager to see great things done through our efforts. “When a pole is erected, we want to see a shadow cast immediately,” another Chinese saying is rendered. Yet this is not always what the Lord intends for us to do, for he is far more process-oriented than we are. “If the process is done correctly, the result will definitely follow,” I remember hearing a Hall of Fame football coach exhorting his players. Who can argue against this man? He has won many championships in his career, including a national championship.
    The specific task the Lord intends for us to do may be placed somewhere yonder, and may even escape our wildest imagination; yet our focus should always be on the things at hand. The Lord’s timing isn’t bound by time in anyway, but our tense should always be present and present progressive. Whether we are being trained for future tasks or not, what really matters is that we are being prepared.
    Or is it possible that we don’t get to perform tasks of great significance simply because we haven’t been prepared sufficiently because of our laziness or unwillingness to be chiseled and sharpened. Indeed, the Lord is always ready to put us to good use, but we are just not ready for it.
    I honestly thought I was being prepared to become a college professor years ago when I was working on my doctoral degree, but it wasn’t really so, for the Lord was actually getting me ready for a writing project some twenty years later. Indeed, I was being trained for an important task unaware. The Lord may be doing the same thing to you, and he expects you to submit to his sovereign will. The best is yet to come, as the saying goes.


Posted by Robert Sea Wednesday, May 23, 2018 7:55:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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