The Flesh
“Your whole self ruled by the flesh was put off when you were circumcised by Christ…”            Col. 2:11
    The key to this is to figure out how our flesh always functions over the years and develop a strategy to react against it. To believe in the Lord is to formulate a new habit of doing things so that we don’t always fall back to doing things the old way. This is a lot harder than we realize, for our flesh will not give up her absolute control over us. The Christian walk in essence is revolutionary in so many ways.
    For instance, there are certain sites on the internet we often visit without thinking, and within them we may encounter some things that are unsightly or unbecoming. So concerning this, are we going keep on following our instinct and succumb to the tyranny of our flesh or root out the ungodly ingrained in the fertile soil of our emotion?
    “When will this end?” we ask. This feels so much like an endless journey and there is still a long way to travel the moment we think we have finally arrived. No sooner do we overcome a seemingly unsurmountable obstacle in our spiritual struggle than yet another arises, far greater than the first, and our end turns out to be merely just a beginning.
    “Woe is me,” we often cry out. Will our struggle against our flesh ever end? We wonder.
    Yet there is just so much we can do with our bodies and they are such wonderful instruments which we can utilize to do so much good if they are willing to be obedient to our every command. Our flesh isn’t all bad after all. What’s important is to bring it into complete submission to the intent of the spirit.
    We can start out by cultivating good habits of the heart. If we exercise some godly things consistently, we will be surprised to find out we can actually be obedient to God’s will unaware. So much of leading a holy life is building up daily routines.
    One thing I have determined to do is to utter a word of praise every morning after I get up out of bed, and after doing thus for a while I can’t seem to do otherwise. It has become second nature for me to do so. Another thing is I always pray when I take a walk alone and this has become so natural that I can’t imagine what it would be like if I didn’t do it.
    It’s a constant battle to bring our flesh to submission, which demands our daily attention, yet nothing is as rewarding as our spirit and flesh working in unison in serving and praising the Lord. 


Posted by Robert Sea Thursday, August 9, 2018 7:02:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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