Taking Action

“The woman was very beautiful, and David sent someone to
find out about her.”              2 Sam 11:2


David was tempted, but he had a choice not to figure out a way to turn the temptation into reality. He could
have walked away from it and his integrity and purity as a man of God would
have been preserved, but that simply wasn’t the case. He could not erase the image
of Bathsheba from his mind, so he yielded to his baser nature and his impulse
by making an inquiry and, from then on, things spun out of control.

Had Bathsheba been single, David would have taken her instantly and made her one of his many wives, but
unfortunately the woman had a husband who was currently fighting on the frontlines.
The king should have stopped the whole sordid affair at that point, but out of
his lustful heart he decided to proceed, without counting the cost it might

The king was abusing his power by taking unlawfully something that belonged to one of his subjects. If he had
been just an ordinary person, he would have dropped the matter for lack of
means to do anything concerning his temptation. We oftentimes yield to our
temptations because we are able to make them come true.

I may be tempted to buy a fancy car, but my credit line may not be large enough for me to do so, therefore the
seduction becomes moot. I may be tempted occasionally to cast a second glance
upon a beauty that I happen to come across, but being a happily married man
with a faithful wife, it’s beyond my capacity and against every fiber of my
being to do such a thing. There is a clear boundary that we married man should
never cross, for there is an abyss beyond that line.

It’s one thing that a bird flies overhead; but it’s entirely another to let it build a nest upon our
heads. We may not be able to keep birds flying overhead; but we do have a
choice of not taking the action of building the bird a cozy dwelling. Moreover,
if we keep on staring at the sky with unspeakable longing, we may become
recipients of some undesirable droppings from above.

The pleasure of sin may be pretty sweet, but it does have a bitter aftertaste. The euphoria may last for a
few minutes, but the remorse that follows hard after we have done something
filthy is acidic and long-lasting. The Lord indeed is loving and forgiving and
he will always forgive, but don’t we all have a strong longing to escape from
the deadly cycle of sin and repentance once and for all by not gratifying our
sinful nature continuously?

David wouldn’t have done what he did had he known what serious consequences his action would bring about. It
was hardly worth it, was it?





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