“…so that in everything he might have the supremacy.”    Col. 1:18

    “Everything” covers a big area, doesn’t it? It includes all things great and small, and nothing is ever excluded.
    “…so that in everything he might have the supremacy.” I am frightened. This standard is just too high for me to reach. The Lord can have his supremacy in part of my life, but not in all of it.
    Are there some areas in our lives that we don’t allow the Lord to visit or to touch, somewhere we deem too private to be plied?
    Whatever we consider “personal” may be too personal for the Lord as well. Matters such as the way we manage our financial or even our age and weight, the things we keep to ourselves, about which others are just too polite to even ask.
    Is the Lord so discourteous to even stick his nose into these private issues?
    I might have sometimes violated my own principle of dealing with my children, but I have tried not to interfere with their private matters out of respect, even though I am dying to know some of their personal affairs. Surely, I have never dreamed to gain any sort of supremacy over their lives. It would have been rather preposterous for me to do so and, of course, they would never allow me to do it.
    Not so with our Heavenly Father, though.
    For certain he has earned the right to do so by virtue of creating us, and he has the best intention when he looks into our personal business, for he knows what the best is for us. When I attempt to find out something about my children, my intention has always been to rejoice with them or, in some rare cases, to mourn with them. What motivates me to find out things about my sons is nothing but love. I don’t intend to rule over them; I only seek solidarity and comradeship with them.
    For us to be ruled by the Lord is to be liberated, and the more he has supremacy over us, the more fulfilled and satisfied we will be, for it’s for such a purpose we have been created.
    We are far too nearsighted to consider long term effects when we do things, and to generate immediate pleasure seems to be our main concern in life. Yet our lives tend to fall apart as we fall farther and farther away from the center. Surely a life without God’s supremacy over us doesn’t pay; and we only pay for the ill-consequences at the end. 


Posted by Robert Sea Tuesday, May 29, 2018 8:02:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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