Rooted and Build
“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him…”             Col. 2:6
    To live our lives is to have our lives decentralized and dislocated, when we are no longer the masters of our souls anymore, and our beings are uprooted, dislocated, and placed elsewhere.
    This is a revolutionary change, isn’t it?
    I have never been much of a thoughtful or a calculating person before I was converted to Christianity, and I primarily led my life by instinct, and often took the route of the least resistance. That was just me as a pagan.
   Did coming to the Lord make any meaningful change in my life? Surely it must have. Yet the Lord seems to have been working with me more on the level of feeling and emotion than the rational. The Master knew quite well how best to get things done in me and steered my life toward the right and desirable direction.
    Eventually, I had to learn to root my life on the Word of God and continue to build upon the solid foundation of the eternal truth. My emotions and powerful feelings were rather unreliable and was leading me nowhere. Upon this shaky foundation nothing could have been built.
    What’s more challenging than anything else is not to blindly follow my emotions and feelings and do what comes natural to me, but to will myself to do what’s right and true, which has proven to be much more daunting that I had ever imagined. I have found myself wanting to follow my emotions more than anything else as far as my decision making is concerned. Consequently, my spiritual growth has been rather stagnant and painfully slow. Our lives must first be rooted in Christ and his holy Word before we expect it to grow.
    I was quite ill before I followed my reason to seek medical help, even though my feelings and emotions continued to wage war against my better judgment. The truth of my health condition couldn’t have been altered no matter how hard I tried to fool myself. My feelings were leading me nowhere and unless I started to do the right thing, things would have become worse and worse until they became irredeemable.
    I suppose that was what the Lord was trying to teach us when he told the parable about erecting our house on the solid foundation of the rock. For sure the reason behind my lack of spiritual progress lies squarely on my insistence of doing thing based on my feelings, and resistance to do things according to the unchanging truth.
    At my age, I am not so sure that there is still sufficient time for me to make a drastic transformation concerning the issue at hand. If not, what choice is still available except to continue to trust the Lord and believe his grace is adequate for me, despite my innate character flaws.


Posted by Robert Sea Wednesday, July 25, 2018 6:47:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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