“…and his flesh was restored and became clean like that of a young boy.”
            2 Kings 5:14

After Naaman emerged from the Jordan the seventh time, he took a quick glance at his skin, and found out his leprosy was gone. The whiteness of the disease that used to bring him terror and nightmares had turned into the color of “that of a young boy.”
The man couldn’t believe his eyes at first and he looked at his once-leprous skin again from a slightly different angle; he even pinched it to see if the feeling had been restored. Indeed, the disease was gone! he exclaimed, hardly able to contain his joy.
He felt a little numb at first, then waves of excitement flooded into his heart, and he felt as if he were being lifted up and floated in the air. Instead of counting down the days before he must bid farewell to the fair earth and to all his loved ones, he could again look into the future without fear and dreadful anticipation.
Only deathly-ill people whose health has been restored can appreciate how euphoric Naaman must have felt at the moment when he realized he was completely healed. Moments ago he was a leper, and then he was cleansed. A new lease on life was given to him. How wonderful it was!
Naaman could again make plans for the next year and the years after; he could also anticipate the pending marriage of his sons and the arrival of all his grandchildren. The man who had no tomorrow suddenly regained the luxury of having sound health.
“Surely a blessing is reserved for the ones who survive great suffering (大難不死, 必有後福,”) a Chinese saying is rendered. The healing itself was a great blessing in and of itself for Naaman, for the disease had robbed him of his earthly joy and rendered all he possessed, wealth and other things, entirely meaningless. Would he turn back to the material things that were so important to him before he contracted the illness?
Chen was visiting his son in the States when he discovered physical symptoms that forced him to cut his journey short and rush back to China to take care of the issue. He came to our church the Sunday before he went home and I had an opportunity to witness to him and pray for his illness. A few weeks later, I got a call from him and was told that his disease wasn’t as serious as it could have been and he had decided to seek the Lord seriously after he regained his health. “I am just so thankful,” he said. It was indeed a blessing that his health was restored, but the greatest blessing wasn’t that at all; it was his desire to build a healthy relationship with the Lord after he had experienced suffering in this life. I guess that was exactly what happened to Naaman as well.   

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