“But he refused to drink it; instead, he poured it out to the LORD.”
         1 Ch 11:18

Remember what transpired after Paul and Silas preformed a miraculous sign in Lystra? People brought out a bull and were about to make a sacrifice in honor of the two missionaries. How did Paul react to this nonsense? He jumped into crowd and stopped them just in time to keep the masses from doing the unthinkable. Such an act was shocking even to the apostle, who was quite familiar with all the superstitions pagans practiced. Nothing could have been more appalling and horrifying than people attempting to deify him.
If he claimed to be a follower of Christ, why did the late president Chiang Kai-shek routinely accept the homage Taiwanese people paid to him, as if he were more than a mere man? Indeed I had been one among the crowd who shouted at the top of my lungs “Long live President Chiang” numerous times, and the recollection of the act never fails to make me cringe. Why on earth did I do such a thing?
I was just a student and a soldier then and we were required to bow down to the man or his portrait on special occasions and the consequence could have been severe had I refused to do it in public. I have no idea how Christians on the island handled the issue since I myself was not one at that time. It would have been very difficult to do what I did had I been a believer. What we were required to do was akin to the worship of a deity.
Some Christians made quite an issue of this when they heard a group of elementary students singing praises to a presidential candidate when he was campaigning for the presidency some years ago. It was quite an anathema to those Christians if they smelt or heard anything close to deifying a mere man, even if he was a great man. I remember feeling sick to my stomach when I heard the song played on the evening news. The man might have been quite admirable in many aspects, but the song of praise for him was a bit overboard, reminding me of the songs of propaganda and the hymns of praise to the great leader I had to sing as a little boy and a young man.
What David did with the water brought to him by the three brave warriors only reveals to us who the man truly was and I admire him for doing that. He wasn’t called a man after God’s own heart for no reason. The mere thought of receiving such a great sacrifice from his fellow men was abhorrent to him, let alone actually accepting it. “Should I drink the blood of these men who went at the risk of their lives?” David asked, and he did what he considered the only right thing to do at the time: he poured the water out before the Lord, clearly indicating who the One worthy of people’s sacrifice and worship was.      

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