“Any of his people among you may go up to Jerusalem in Judah and build the temple of the Lord, the God of Israel…”               Ezra 1:3
     There was a choice to be made for the Jews who had settled down in the land of their exile, and some of them might not have had the desire to make the move. It was rather difficult in the beginning when they first moved to the foreign land, and it took quite an effort to carve out a little life in a strange place. Yet, by this time they might have become well-adjusted to the country and the culture, and being uprooted might not have been such a desirable thing to do.
    Naturally, some of the Jews among the exiles might have decided not to participate in the great enterprise of rebuilding the holy temple.
    The idea was obviously quite appealing, and the thought of being a part of God’s eternal plan must have been exhilarating to many of them, yet when the excitement subsided, they were suddenly struck by the reality of such a daunting task they were about to undertake and the sacrifices they would have to make. After careful consideration, some of them might have decided not to take part in the impending project.
    The king wasn’t going to force the Israelites to move back to their hometown, and the ones who decided to do so were motivated by their love for the Lord and their ambition to make something out of their lives. In other words, they yearned to make a difference in the world and, by doing so, their lives became more in contact with eternity, finding significance in the mundane and the eternal in the temporal.
    This is something for us to ponder actually: how am I going to lead my life on earth in such a way as to make life more eternally significant?
    There really isn’t anything earth-shattering occurring in our life actually and we are merely going through the motions doing all the mundane things to keep our life moving. There isn’t a whole lot beyond this, is there? Indeed, most of us are little people doing little things to scratch a little living in the world, so what is important to do is to endow meaning into what we do routinely every day. I am not saying that we should attempt to create meaning along the way when we do all the chores in life; what we must do is to discover the meaning of what we do by examining the Scriptures and establishing a proper attitude and motivation in conducting our activities.
    I suppose what makes what we do meaningful, be it great or small, isn’t what we do but how we are motivated. 


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