Jeroboam’s Wife

“So Jeroboam’s wife did what he said and
went to Ahijah’s house in Shiloh.”

1 Kings 14:4


Her son
Abijah was sick and there didn’t seem to be any hope for the boy to survive.
Jeroboam was concerned, but not as concerned as his wife, for the boy might
have represented the only joy and hope for her. Being a king over a nation,
Jeroboam obviously had other important issues to occupy his mind and, most
likely, he had many other wives and concubines from whom he could derive comfort
if the boy was no more. Nevertheless he was still the father of the boy and
would do anything he possibly could to save his son.

The journey
alone had to be treacherous and long for the woman. She must have had some
companions who traveled with her, yet her mind was so entirely occupied by her
son’s illness that she didn’t even have the energy to engage in any chatting
with her travelling companions. She was anxious to find out what would happen
to her son, yet she was so afraid to find out, for the news could be
devastating. Yet it was the journey she must take and the sorrow she had to

Why didn’t
Jeroboam make the trip himself? It would have been so much easier for the king
to do such a chore, wouldn’t it have?

He probably
would have let the illness run its course and let the chips fall where they may.
It was not at all unusual for children to perish in their infancy and he had
other important business to attend to. He might have been on the verge of
giving up on the boy, but the mother simply refused to yield. Paying the
prophet a visit might have been the last resort he could come up with and it at
least gave his grieving wife a glimpse of hope.

What could
the prophet have done except tell her the inevitable?

it was a journey she had to make, albeit the hope for her son’s healing was
quite slim. She might have been hoping against hope and thinking wishfully the
prophet might be able to bring her boy back to health again. Jeroboam might
have been evil and heartless in all he did, but his wife was just a woman and a
mother who was been thrown into all the intrigues of the court against her will
and all she was concerned about at the moment was her son’s wellbeing.

For the
mother’s sake, don’t we all hope the news she was going to receive from prophet
Ahijah would turn out to be a good? The mother was loving and the son was
innocent; why didn’t the Lord perform miracles on their behalf?

Nothing could
have been done to alter the course preordained by the Almighty and the role
Ahijah played was merely as an informer, not a transformer. The die was cast
and the verdict had been made, and all she could do was wait for the
inevitable. All the evil had been wrought by her husband, and both she and her
son had to suffer the consequences.     



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