Humble Himself
“In his distress he sought the favor of the Lord his God and humbled himself greatly before the God of his ancestors.”          2 Ch. 33:12
    Suffering did its job to the king and he finally came to realize who he truly was. He was merely a man who was born into wealth and prosperity, which caused him to harbor a sense of entitlement and develop a false idea of self-identity and invincibility. That’s what wealth and power do to people, and we are easily hooked and will succumb to its seduction if we are not on our guard. 
    We may have climbed to an amazing height, yet suffering will always bring us down to earth and remind us who we really are - we are nothing but dust with divine breath, and apart from God’s sustenance mere existence will become an absolute impossibility.
    How we perceive ourselves determines how we will act, but it doesn’t indicate who we are as a living being. Who we are is defined by how we have been created, and what we are is determined at the moment we are formed. Human beings are not self-created and self-defined; what God is decides who we are, for we are created in his own image.
    King Manasseh only came to know himself when he became aware of who God was. His true sense of self was unearthed by his knowledge of God, and when he came to the end of his rope, he knew there was no place for him to turn but to turn to God. He had been betrayed by all the pagan gods whom he worshipped and he realized he was destined to die unless the Lord spared his life. Therefore, “in his distress he sought the favor of the Lord his God and humbled himself greatly before the God of his ancestors.”
    The king had done a lot of foolish things during his kingship, and he finally came to his senses and did a wise thing, which henceforth put his life on the right track. Surely the Lord was gracious enough that he engineered adverse circumstances in the king life, thus causing him to see the essence of things and providing him an opportunity for repentance. So the affliction the king was encountering seemed to have turned out to be a good thing.
    May we not wait until there is nowhere else to turn before we finally turn to the Lord, and use the “city of refuge” as our last resort when we are desperate, for we have no other avenue of escape. May we render repentance unnecessary by not committing one sin after another against the Almighty, and may we listen to the Lord attentively in times of joy, which may make it superfluous for God to speak to us in our sorrow.
    I hope this isn’t some sort of wishful thinking on my part, and I pray that it gets to the point in my life that I only hear the Lord speaking to me through occasions and occurrences of joy.


Posted by Robert Sea Thursday, December 14, 2017 7:40:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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