Giving Thanks
“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”
        1 Ch 16:34

We are all wrapped up in and preoccupied by all things visible in life, which keep us from seeing the invisible things. If the invisible are eternal and the visible are temporal, as Paul stated in Second Corinthians, what concerns us the most in our daily lives should not be bothering us at all, for all things will come to pass and only the eternal hidden in the temporal will remain. We will have trouble seeing the goodness of God and giving thanks to him if we only focus our attention on the fleeting things that occur to us every day.
We can see eternal meaning in some temporal things, yet the opposite of this may still be true. In fact, we may see more vanity in things that happen than anything else. Natural disasters occur often and man-made atrocities take place on a daily basis, and it becomes awfully difficult for us to see any positive or eternal meaning behind all of them. We seem to have become numb and quit trying to figure out the significance of all of these events or attempting to make apologies for them. It’s just not all that easy to attribute eternal meaning to seemingly meaningless things that appear to take place so randomly in the world.
“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” This should be an act of faith for the most part. It predominately stems from the will and we do so whether we feel like doing it or not. If we start to question the goodness of God, giving thanks to him becomes almost impossible. How can we praise the one who seeks to do harmful things to us and whose sole intention isn’t for our good at all?
The hurt and pain may be so intense that it sucks all our energy away and to survive becomes our number one priority. How can we utter praises to God with our dying breath? How can we show appreciation to the one who is about to take our lives away and toss us into the abyss of the unknown?
Is “curse God and die” a viable alternative?
The goodness that only lasts in time isn’t true goodness at all, and it’s in fact evil beyond measure if it only serves to keep us from seeking eternal goodness. The goodness of God stretches from this world to the next; therefore it’s eternally valid and forever good. The goodness that starts in time and ends in time is mere illusion that evaporates over time.
So when good things from a human point of view take place, we thank the Lord for them; when seemingly bad things happens to us, we give thanks as well, for both of them occur to accomplish a single purpose, which is for our good. How can a good and loving father in heaven do anything harmful to his children? Indeed, something that befalls us may seem to be harmful, yet it merely happens to bring forth God’s eternal goodness to his people.             



Posted by Robert Sea Thursday, June 18, 2015 7:24:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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