Full of Grace

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”        Col. 4:6

     Words are the greatest resource that we possess by which we can bless others. We may not be equipped to bless others with material things, yet we can readily greet people with good words. Kind words cost nothing, yet what they may do to others is everything.

    We are not always aware of the enormous creative power that our words possess; therefore we either squander them by telling jokes or uttering idle words, which produce nothing but a little laughter.

    Being funny seems to be deemed as virtuous among young people, and the ones who can crack jokes are coined as people with a personality. “O he is just so funny!” I used to have great difficulty figuring out the reason why this is supposed to be some sort of compliment.

    Jokes are often told at other people’s expense, aren’t they? Indeed, all the evening talk shows seem to aim to amuse people and to make them laugh, and we don’t think much about it unless the jokes are on us, or on the ones whom we love. In most cases, jokes are far more destructive than constructive, absolutely unproductive except to generate a laugh or two.

    If we are saved by God’s grace, our mission in life is to bestow grace on others and make the world a joyful place. Our lives should be depicted by Yeats’ moving lines in his prayer for his daughter:

  May she become a flourishing hidden tree

That all her thoughts may like the linnet be,

And have no business but dispensing round

Their magnanimities of sound…”

    The “magnanimities of sound” that we make and “dispense round” should always be sounds of grace and good will. We may not have any earthly idea what kind of heavenly result the good and encouraging words that we speak to other people may ultimately generate. One thing for sure though, they will not return to us void, for the creative power of words, be they constructive or destructive, is continual and ongoing, until they achieve their purposes.

    Grace is eternal, so are words seasoned with salt, aiming to build people up and to bring them closer to the throne of grace. Our goal in life is actually rather simple: we are to be rooted in the Lord of grace so that we can be full of grace when we deal with others. May we be dispensers of grace in the world, not destroyers of it.




Posted by Robert Sea Thursday, December 13, 2018 7:54:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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