For Him
“…all things have been created through him and for him.”   Col. 1:16

    This is quite a simple logic, isn’t it? If all things have been created through him, then all things have to be created for him as well. By the same token, we are God’s creatures, and it’s for his sake that we live and have our being.
    Are we conscious of this at all as we go about every day and do our things? Has this truth ever entered into our minds that it’s for God’s sake that we do all things, including our study and our work? In fact, not one single thing that we have ever done or will do isn’t for this particular purpose, which is to bring glory and honor to God.
    Since we are God’s creation, does it make any sense to you that we merely live for ourselves, as if God had made us not for his own pleasure, but for our enjoyment.
    Happiness, for this has been proven true through many people’s experience, can only be produced in our lives by fulfilling God’s purposes for us, not to accomplish our own agenda as if we were not being held accountable by anyone at all. Indeed, selfishness is a recipe for misery.
    Making a good living isn’t the primary goal of life; it’s merely a means to achieving an important end. You should know what I am talking about at this point.
    What do I expect from my children? I sometimes ponder whether I consider my children my own, like a lot of Chinese parents do, or am I merely an instrument employed by God to bring them into being and to raise them in such a way that they will be worthy to be called children of God. I may have harbored far too many unreasonable expectations for my children, yet deep inside I know that my sons are the happiest and most fulfilled if they lead their lives entirely for God, for whose sake they have been created.
    Milton was exactly right when he wrote: “God doth not need either man’s works or his own gifts.” Yet it’s for our own sake that we live for God; not for his sake that we live for him. We can only be happy in what we do when the Lord is pleased at what we do; and we will feel fulfilled only when God is satisfied with us.
    I have been keeping in mind what my dad wanted from me my entire life and his idea of success has become my definition of achievement in life as well, even though he’s been gone for ten years. Am I as concerned about my Heavenly Father’s aspiration for me as I have been about my dad’s wishes for his elder son? Am I still doing all things to please men, or to please the One who really counts, both in time and in eternity?


Posted by Robert Sea Thursday, May 24, 2018 7:20:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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