“…if you continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel.”           Col. 1:23

    Is this even a choice at all? I wonder. It has become a vital part of my being and to give it up is akin to self-betrayal. If I give up my faith, I will no longer exist, and what I am becomes merely my flesh, and nothing more.
    What makes me who I am and will be eternally is my faith in Christ Jesus. Faith in Him is the generator and sustainer of my being.
    There isn’t a single moment that passes during my day without me thinking about my faith and how it relates to my every activity, and my constant striving is to make my every deed a work of faith. Indeed, my faith in Christ is what makes me as a person, and without him I am just an empty shell.
    Why do I do what I do every day? Why do you do what you do daily? Merely make a living, or something far beyond?
    We do all things either for work or pleasure, yet they should always be related to our faith, for it’s our faith that governs our every act. We seem to be more “purpose-driven” at our work yet, as far as our recreation is concerned, we seem to be far more disinterested. From the point of faith, both are equally important. In fact, what we do for pleasure may indicate who we really are more than what we do for a living, for we do have a choice concerning the former. What we choose to do during our leisure time indicates who we are.
    Does doing gardening have any spiritual or eternal significance at all? I ask. My wife seems to spend a lot of her free time planting and caring for her plants in the yard, producing nothing but good looking flowers, which only last but a few days and then fade. What’s the spiritual purpose behind all the endeavor, if there is any at all?
    Surely, some hobbies are far more spiritual than others. What she does is really an act of creating beauty, which reflects God’s heavenly business, which is something the Almighty spends his eternity doing. There is indeed nothing unspiritual about gardening. Compared to what she does, my hobby of watching athletic competitions seems to be rather a mindless operation. There is nothing spiritual about it, is there?
    If what I do for pleasure has absolutely nothing to do with my faith, why do I keep on doing it year after year?


Posted by Robert Sea Monday, June 4, 2018 7:34:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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