Drying Out

“For the jar of flour was not used up
and the jug of oil did not run dry…”

             1 Kings 17:16


Our checking
account didn’t increase miraculously, but when I needed a couple of thousand
dollars to pay for my dental work, the funds were there. I guess Kathy’s been
careful over the years in maintaining her account and the money grew gradually
and, when the need arose, we were able to cover it.

Did I thank
the Lord for his provision, even though the money might have been saved up by
us over a long period of time? You bet I did, numerous times. Whether we
sweated over the money we have earned or not, it was the Lord who made it all
possible; therefore he should received all the credit. We could easily have
gotten sick and couldn’t work anymore, or other diffculties could have occurred
that prevented us from earning a living but, through God’s mercy, they didn’t
take place and we continue to work over the years.

“At least dad
had yams and rice to eat, we seemed to eat PBJs everyday for lunch,” William
complained. “We did grow up so poor,” he added.

This might
have been the case, since for the majority of my children’s childhood days, I
was a graduate student, surviving on a meager TA stipend, but as far as I can
remember, our flour jar was never used up and our supply of oil was always
sufficient. We might have been poverty stricken, but I never felt poor or knew
hunger during that time. The Lord saw to it that our family of five did not go
hungry and we were able to successfully raise three boys.

“We may be
able to start a savings account for our retirement since we are starting to
have a little surplus every month,” Kathy mentioned to me and I concurred. We
opened up a savings account immediately, but much to my displeasure, some unexpected
expenses came up the following two months and we were not able to put any more
money into the account. Instead of saving money, if we do have some extra,
perhaps we should give it away, I am starting to wonder.

Did the widow
of Zerephath ever become anxious about the flour and oil jar drying up? I
suppose what she received was a day’s portion, and there was no possibility
that she could store up more supply for future use. She just had to trust that
the Lord would come through every day, providing for her needs as long as she
needed it.

“Is it prudent for us to save for a rainy day?” you may question.

We may save
up for rainy days, which may never come, yet heavy rain seems to be pouring on
a lot of people every day all over the world; yet we continue to store up in
barns all our grain that quickly becomes stale. 



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