“…my immediate response was not to
consult any human being.”

            Gen 1:16


It wasn’t something that could easily be explained. In fact, Paul himself was still a
little dazed and confused and it would take him a long while to process what
had happened to him on the desert road.

If the dramatic event could be explained and be viewed as a natural phenomenon, Paul
would have done so.

There is no denial that he saw a bright light and heard a loud voice speaking to him, but
this could have happened to anyone who travelled in the desert heat for a long
time. He could have been hallucinating and imagining things. O yes, he became
blind, but that isn’t all that uncommon when people are blinded by extremely
bright light.

Did the apostle ever make an attempt to treat the supernatural event as a mere natural occurrence?
He could easily have done so, for all he was pursuing and aspired to be would
come tumbling down, if he accepted that what he saw and heard was indeed from
the Lord.

Paul was a serious young man and he must have taken the vision seriously. “My immediate
response was not to consult any human being,” he recalled years later.

Other people’s interpretation of the miraculous sign could easily have muddled its meaning and
turned the clear divine sign into some sort of philosophical discussion, with
no hope of finding the truth.

“Well, you could have been too tired after such a long journey. Take a rest and your mind
will clear up. Don’t rush into any decision,” some might have suggested.

“Think about your future, Saul. You have earned universal praise by venturing into Damascus
and when all is said and done, you will be sitting pretty as a member of the
Sanhedrin in no time. Don’t make such a silly mistake by following the
Way.”  Sound advice such as this would
have been given to him by his friends.

“Son, I have invested a lot of money in you by giving you a first rate education. Remember
under whom you have been mentored!” This would have been the fatherly advice he
would have received from his dad.

“Be careful! He is dangerous man. That guy was there, witnessing the event, when our Stephen
was stoned.” He would have been viewed with great suspicion had he turned to
other apostles for spiritual counsel. 

At that critical juncture, Paul had no one to turn to but God. That was exactly what he
did. The Lord had revealed himself to him through a spectacular vision, and
surely he would continue to unveil himself if Paul continued to seek him. The
Lord started the work in him, and he would finish it. Instead of seeking human
advice, the apostle turned to God for divine guidance.    


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