“They are in conflict with each other,
so that you are not to do whatever you want.”          Gal 5:17


Our conflicts with our enemies will continue if we don’t surrender to them. As long as we
hold our position, we will continue to have struggle against our foes.

We are to be congratulated if there are constant conflicts between the flesh and the Spirit
within our hearts, for it indicates that we are still fighting to become holy
and are well on our way in our journey of sanctification.

We want to do what’s good and pleasing in God’s sight, but our carnal nature doesn’t seem to
want to give in to our wishes without a serious fight and turn our heart into a

Our flesh often refuses to become an instrument of righteousness which we can utilize to
achieve what the Lord wants us to do, creating a lot of frustration among

I desire to read the Scriptures first thing in the morning, yet I seem to have developed a
habit of reading the sports page before I do anything else. I find myself
staggering to the driveway to pick up the paper every morning and often feel
despondent if it isn’t there.

Spending too much time reading about sports has always been the vice I have sought to
overcome, for no matter how we rationalize or spiritualize it, it still remains
a thing of the flesh. A nagging feeling of guilt often surfaces in my heart
when I spend hours watching a football game. 
I guess the feeling of uneasiness may be a good sign, reflecting that I
am not totally in the enemy’s camp; there is still a way out as long as I keep
on fighting.

Yielding to temptations from our carnal nature is always a lot easier than fighting against
it. It will be the end of me if there are no longer any struggles between what
I truly want to do and the opposing force that seeks to keep me from doing it.

“Seeingsomething strange as not strange (見怪不怪.)”
 I fear for myself if this is the case in
my way of seeing. We may have seen so many filthy things in the world that we
cease to be startled by them. We are bombarded by so much filth put out by
Hollywood and the mass media that we have ceased to be offended by it. Our
sensitivity toward evil and sin seems to have vanished. “Because of the increase of
wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,” said the
Lord Jesus.

Should we raise a white flag and give up the fight? Should we continue to withdraw inch
by inch until we have no more ground to give and fall into a moral vacuum?

There is still hope if we keep on holding the line and don’t give up an inch. We may not
be completely victorious as long as we remain in the flesh, but at least our
constant struggle against our mortal enemies declares loud and clear who we
really are.   

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