“I have been with you wherever you have gone, and I have cut off all your enemies from before you.”         1 Ch 17:8

It was just a regular day for the shepherd lad, really. He was up early and went to the sheepfold to let the sheep out and led them to green grass. That was his favorite time of the day, since he could sing and meditate while the sheep was quietly grazing. O how he enjoyed spending time with the Lord while everything seemed to be so peaceful. Surely the little boy might have dreamt about leaving his sheep behind and going elsewhere to achieve great deeds, yet he would have been content had he remained a shepherd his entire life. There wasn’t anything better than spending time with the Lord in the wild, with no disturbance from the noisy world, and the boy was intending to do that his entire life.
The man’s life would have been a lot simpler had that been the case. He would have been happier even. Yet something unusual took place that day, which entirely changed the shepherd boy’s life. A prophet was visiting his family, intending to anoint one of Jesse’s boys to be the future king of Israel. Samuel was asking for him.
“What was going to happen?” the boy wondered as he was rushing home. Perhaps the judge just wanted to see him and nothing would come of it. The thought of him being anointed by the godly man didn’t cross his mind at all, since he was the youngest among his brothers.
With all his brothers watching, feeling rather jealous, a jar of oil was poured on his head and ran down his face, creating a strange sensation. Deep inside, the young boy seemed to sense his life was going to be quite different than what it had been. Just moments before he was a shepherd of sheep, and now he suddenly became God’s anointed to be the shepherd of God’s people.  For a long while he had no idea what to think; he was in a daze and the whole thing was more a dream than anything else. He returned to his sheep a few hours later a different man. He had been preparing himself to be a shepherd his entire life, yet from that moment on he had to consider his new calling and what it might entail. Gone was his carefree spirit and innocent joy, and he was heavy laden with anxiety for his future.
“O let me be a shepherd my entire life, Lord. How wonderful it would be if I merely remained a sweet singer of Israel, singing praise to you all the days of my life!” the boy might have exclaimed when the care of the future became unbearable.
The choice had been made and the anointing had been done, and the boy had no other option but to launch the long journey through the winding road of becoming a king. The journey would be long and treacherous and oftentimes he had no one by his side except the One who called him away from his sheep. 

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