Bodily Form
“For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,”       Col. 2:9

    What we see in Christ does make the greatest difference in our lives. There is absolutely no doubt when I consider the life of Christ and how he was radically different from all of us. What else could he be except what he claimed to be - the Son of God?
    “We really have no other option,” I said to a visiting researcher who was seriously thinking about believing in Jesus. Unfortunately, her time is running out, for she will be going home in a couple of weeks. It’s really a now or never kind of thing, humanly speaking.
    “Either Jesus was what he claimed to be or he was the greatest imposter in human history,” I continued. “If he turns out to be genuine, we really have no other choice but to follow him.”
    The lady became teary a few times during our lengthy conversation after church, and every time it happened I looked away. I have always had trouble dealing with women’s tears. The Holy Spirit evidently was knocking at the door of her heart, yet she wasn’t about to open it.
    “I am a Party member and it will surely make things very complicated after I return to China,” she said with a sigh. The issues she will be encountering are unavoidable if she does decide to put her trust in Christ. I had no idea what to tell her to do at this juncture and the conversation ended without her making any definite decision.
    I prayed afterward that the Holy Spirit would reveal to her who Jesus really is, for unless she has a glimpse of Jesus’ deity, making a choice to follow the Lord would become almost impossible.
    “What can the lady do?” I ask. The persecution she will be facing in the future is far too real to her if she believes and gets baptized, and she won’t be able to overcome the fear unless the appearance becomes absolutely real and transparent in her eyes. There is very little I can do at this moment but to continue to pray for her.
    “For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form.” Isn’t this the key thing for anyone to know to follow Christ? Yet isn’t this too much to ask someone to do who only recently heard about Christ? Isn’t this something we sometimes have difficulty believing, even though we have known the Lord for so many long years?
    I was actually tempted to apply a little pressure on her to utter a profession of faith, yet I thought better of it, for the timing might not have been right, and it really isn’t my job to take on the task that rightly belongs to the Holy Spirit.


Posted by Robert Sea Monday, July 30, 2018 6:40:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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