A reward
“…since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.”                            Col. 3:24

    That’s a concept that I have seldom entertained. The service I have rendered unto the Lord hasn’t been motivated by any sort of gain, spiritually or otherwise. I have been merely doing what I was called to do.
    A monthly stipend is the tangible reward that I have been getting, by which I was able to support a family of five, albeit rather meagerly. It was nonetheless enough to feed and shelter us, for which I am extremely grateful to the Lord.
    As far as the “inheritance from the Lord” is concerned, I have no earthly idea what it is or what it is going to be. Such things are mysterious and subject to speculation.
    What I must be concerned about isn’t what kind of reward I will be entitled to receive; it’s rather whether I am worthy of it, since I don’t always serve the Lord with all my heart and soul. If it’s up to me to determine, I will probably conclude that I don’t deserve to receive any of it, whatever it may be.
    It’s by God’s grace that I was placed in a position to serve, and it’s also by God’s mercy that I was able to accomplish some things for the Lord, however meager they have been. I am indeed rather unworthy.
    Whatever was designed by the Lord for me to do I seemed to have done by accident. If I haven’t done them intentionally, realizing that I was doing them for the Lord, how in the world would I get any reward? In fact, I even answered God’s call to the ministry merely for lack of a better option. Had all things been going well with my work at the time, I would have chosen to stay where I was. It’s hypocritical for me to even mention obtaining any reward from the Lord for all I have ever done.
    Do I dare to breathe a word about obtaining a reward of any sort from the Lord? Is it rather presumptuous to even assume that we may be getting some inheritance from the Lord by merely doing what we are obligated to do with the talents and gifts we have been endowed with from above?
    There is nothing we can do or say to express our indebtedness toward the Lord except to bow down before the throne of grace in profound gratitude, thanking and praising him for the opportunities he has given us to serve in his kingdom. Besides this, I have no idea what else we can or could have done to articulate our worthlessness as God’s children and to reflect upon the fact of how merciful and generous the Lord has chosen to deal with us. 
    Lord, I am unworthy. Forgive my sin if I ever entertain the idea that I deserve to receive any reward from the Almighty for my service.


Posted by Robert Sea Friday, November 9, 2018 7:25:00 AM Categories: Devotional

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