Reach Down 


Reach Down

“He reached down from on high and took
hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.”          2 Sam 22:17


I didn’t know that I was drowning; I was just struggling to climb up a mossy rock in the
middle of a river, which was nearly impossible to do, and as I was running out
of energy, a strong hand reached down from the rock and pulled me out of the

I was a freshman in college and my life could have ended during that camping trip.
Strangely, the event didn’t leave a great impression on my heart and I don’t
remember thanking the Lord for the rescue. It was just one of those things that
happened so naturally that it was hardly taken as supernatural, so human that
no one would mistake it as divine.

Had the event happened naturally, I would have been dead and left very little trace of my
short life. Only a handful of people would have mourned for my untimely
departure from this world.

Why did the Lord reach down from on high and take hold of me? I guess there was still
unfinished business for me to do on earth.

Wouldn’t it have been better for me to be gone at the tender age of twenty three? I was
saved a year before when I enrolled in a small Christian college and it would
have been fine had the Lord taken me away at that time, for it would have kept
me from committing so many more sins during the rest of my earthly days.

Keats’ fear of premature death wasn’t my fear, for he was far superior to me as far as
poetic talent was concerned, yet there was still something in store for me to
accomplish with my meager existence. “When I have fear that I may cease to be
before my pen has glean’d my teeming brain…,” wrote the romantic poet. No one
can possibly fathom how much more he would have accomplished as a poet had the
man had a full life.

I got married to a lovely lady and together we have raised three wonderful sons and, as you
can tell from the title of this devotional, I have written thousands of
devotionals and will continue writing. None of the above would have happened
had the Lord snatched me away in that rushing river.

That was the rescue of which I was keenly aware; I am certain that there have been thousands
of rescues in my life that have escaped my eyes and eluded my attention, which were
nonetheless equally significant. I guess we are all invincible until the Lord
deems our earthly work is done.

I am approaching sixty and I often wonder what’s left for me to achieve in this life.
I pray that I will have enough time left to finish writing what I started to do
over ten eyes ago, which is meditating through the entire Scriptures. I am
convinced the Lord will reach down and pull me up from deep water like he did
thirty seven years ago.



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Coming Down 


Coming Down

“He parted the heavens and came down;
dark clouds were under his feet.”

               2 Sam 22:10


The Lord doesn’t seem to be doing anything, but he is in fact doing everything; he does not
appear to be present anywhere, but he is in reality everywhere. He does not
have to come down from heaven; he is already here on earth in our midst.

Before David prayed for divine help when he was in battle, the Lord was already there
assisting him every step of the way. God had decided to help his people even before
they came to their senses and started to ask for help.

Open our eyes, Lord, so that we may see.

The heavenly horses and chariots were all over the hill, readying themselves to fight the
battle for God’s chosen people before Elisha’s servant’s eyes were enlightened
to see the spectacular sight.

I was not struggling alone when I was struggling in my youth, for had I been struggling alone, I
would not have survived. I knew how it felt to be hungry, but I wasn’t starving.
I could have been killed once or twice as far as I could tell, but I survived;
my life could have been ended by accidents, diseases, or other violent causes,
but my little life was preserved by the mighty invisible hands.

The Lord seemed to be absent in my life until I became aware of his presence.

How could the Lord be absent in my life? How could the one who formed me in my mother’s womb
suddenly vanish from my existence and not have been involved in my every activity.

I was playing with my friends by the fish pond and was cut by a piece of broken glass on my
right foot when I was about seven or eight. My mother was upset at me for being
careless but, as far as I can recall, she didn’t do anything about the gushing
wound. It took a long while, but the wound mysteriously got well. I am reminded
of God’s presence and protection whenever I look at the long scar on my foot.
As a boy, I enjoyed looking at the sky and staring at the changing formation of
the clouds, but never once did I see the Almighty coming down from heaven. Does
that mean my heavenly Father wasn’t at all concerned about his child?

He had always been there, I just was not aware of his presence. I saw his face for the first
time years later, and I have never missed seeing his face in all things since

David must have seen the Lord more clearly when he needed the divine help more acutely.
When we pray for rain, the voice of thunder may sound like God’s footsteps
roaring and echoing across the darkling sky, not knowing that the Lord arrived long
before the thunder sounded, bringing down refreshing summer rain.    

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